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International Women’s Health and Human Rights

Hello! I’m reaching out to different POC communities on Tumblr for a signal boost, but if you feel that this is not relevant to your blog or your followers, I apologize and please ignore!

I’m a TA for a free online class from Stanford University on international women’s health and human rights. The course focuses on critical issues, namely those that may mean life or death to a woman, depending on whether she can exercise her human rights. These critical issues include: being born female and discrimination; poverty; unequal access to education, food, paid work and health care; and various forms of violence. Topics discussed include son preference, education, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, violence in the home and in war and refugee circumstances, women’s work, sex trafficking, and aging. The course hopes to create an international network of engaged students and would greatly benefit from the voices of you and your followers.

Class starts Friday!

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